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14 March 2008 @ 08:26 pm
Back in '03...  

Think this community is a good idea, pity it hasn't got off the ground yet.

Thought I'd start you off with my thirteen year-old self's wittering and poor judgement. I hate my thirteen year-old self. I'm sure you will too.

With much trepidation, I present to you:


Tuesday, January 7th, 5:44pm, Bedroom.

Today has been very wierd [sic], exciting* and humiliating.
First of all, I couldn't get to sleep until gone 2.00 in the morning, because of what I did yesterday evening at ME's. It was definitely the most stupidest thing I have done in my life. (Ok, maybe I can think of 2 more things, but they are only stupid, because they're dangerous.)

I can't believe I did it, I probaly [sic] never will. What I (^)did was soooetc. stupid, but I didn't regret (^)it until I was in bed at about 10:30pm, about three hours after I'd done it! But now I need to go to the loo so'll so i'll write what I did in a few minutes.
*no idea why I wrote exciting because it wasn't, more like embarassing [sic].

Tuesday, January 7th, 6:11pm, back in Bedroom.

I think it was ME who decided we should prank GJ, we (^)were going to make CE do it at first, but she was too scared, so I did it instead.

Here's how that historic phone call went:
GJ: "Hello"
Me : "Is GJ there?"
GJ: "It's me."
Me : "Ciao, Gravy!"

Gravy is his code name (^)which my friends and I made up for his him.

When I was in bed at home I started thinking about if he knew it (^)was me or he must know it's someone who knews him because I said 'is GJ there.' and how he sounded exactly the (^)same when he's on the phone and (^)as when he's not, what (^)if I do too?
So that's why I couldn't get to sleep for ages.

When I woke up and went to school I was very nervous that he'd come up to me and say anything at all about prank phone calls or phone calls in general.

Nothing very interesting happened until lunch-time [sic], GJ hadn't said anything about being pranked yesterday (well, I didn't hear him say anything.)

After we'd eaten our lunch, me, KJ and HC (^)were walking around the playground, when ME and JS came running up to us, but seen [sic] as JK was standing between us it looked like they were running up to hug him!

Tuesday, January 7th, 9:20pm, in my bedroom again.

Anyways (^)I've just (^)watched Eastenders, then I went down to watch Laurel and Hardy with JD and dad.

Now back to Lunch-time [sic] when it looked (^)like ME and JS were going to hug JK. Well, ofcourse [sic] they didn't, but I (^)said really loudly and I didn't I care if JK heard either,
"You looked as if you were about to hug JK then!" then for the next couple of minutes JK pratted around following ME, JS and KJ.

After that interuption [sic] from JK, ME and JS told us that GJ came up to them and said ' Did you phone me', but thankfully they were lying, but unfortunatly [sic] JK was standing in earshot and probaly [sic] heard the whole thing and put 2 and 2 together and worked out I'd pranked GJ. And to make things worse we (^)saw JK talking to GJ a few minutes later!

In Geography it wasn't that amazingly interesting, more boring as per usual.

But History is a different story completly [sic]!
Well, firstly I was the only person on the entire back row who just happened to be a girl!

Tuesday, January 7th, 10:23pm, in bed.

To my left PC and AM and to my right JL, PM, TC, DH and GJ! Can I just (^)say that I didn't realies re notice I was the only girl until it was too late. And that all throught of my prank call to GJ left my mind completly [sic], because of what happened!

Horrible thing no.1 - PC and AM were nicked my bag and were trying to find my Planner (thankfully they didn't suceed [sic].) to read the notes pages to find out who because they have got it into their heads that it says who I fancy in there (it dosen't)!

Horrible thing no.2. - JL was acting seriously hyper like he was on drugs and hitting with paper, which is both annoying and embarassing [sic].

Horrible thing no.3 - JL and PM kept singing!

Horrible thing no.4 - I was sitting next to PC, which was horrible, full stop.

Horrible thing no.5 - It was boring (The work I mean, but I totally forgot to do my work with all this going on.)!

Horrible thing no.6. - The most horrible thing of all - PC kept (^)saying that I'd farted (I had not, it was probaly [sic] him) and JL kept agreeing with him and they were saying it really loudly and the whole class and I mean the whole class even the teacher guy were watching me argueing that I hadn't, Oh The Shame!

When I finally got out of there, I was sooooetc. totaly [sic] depressed (and with (^)not (^)a shread of dignity left)!

I have now decided that I do not fancy JL anymore and I now hate him! I hate PC as much as ever and that I think AM's an idiot but at least he asked me if I was alright after the whole farting accusation thing!

I really hope they all get moved away from me in History.
So anyways it's 11:04pm now and I'm going to try to get to sleep, so bye!

Wednesday, January 8th, 7:11am, Once more in Bedroom.

Just got ready for school and I'm doing a good job of still hating JL! I hope I can keep this up for the rest of the day and eventually the rest of my life!

Because JL is such a total loser and I wasted all th last term fancying him and I can't believe I counted the (^)days (^)of (^)the Christmas holidays until I saw him! No, problems hating PC because I have always hated him, evenr since the first day of year 7! Thank God!

Wednesday, January 8th, 7:37pm, In Bedroom watching Coronation Street.

They didn't get moved today in History, unfortunatly [sic]. It was nearly as bad as yesterday, they're all such total losers. I told lots of my friends that I decided that I now hated JL. KJ and HC were like 'Yeah right, you still fancy him, so much!" but at the beginning of the day I really felt that I would hate him for the rest of my life, but during Maths I started getting a wierd [sic] feeling that I was missing something (ie. a cute guy I could fancy.)

But in Music that's when I cracked I nearly made it a full 24-hours hating JL as well. I blame it on beginning (^)being able to see him from where I was sitting and also that he is just too cute to hate, even if he does have a rubbish personality and he's a big fat jerk!
He also kept drawing attenstion to himself, so I couldn't help looking in his direction.

So anyway I have come to a decision about JL, actually I it's more of a compromise, here goes:
I can still fancy him, but under no circumstances can I say anything good about his personality and I am going to try and cut down on ho heroic daydreams about him (for instance the one that's like Speed, the movie where they can't go below 50mph or the bus blows up. With JL as the ho heroic police man (^)in (^)the (^)movie (^)Keanu (^)Reeves (^)plays (^)the (^)police (^)man, (^)(yum (^)yum), JK and PC who (^)put the bomb on the bus and AM and GJ as tow(^)wo other police men and me driving the bus!)

Now I've been thinking about that prank call to GJ again and I realised that I thought his voice was very nice, which is making me go all mushy over him! So now I think I fancy GJ!

So again my life has changed after spending the (^)day (^)at school. Tomorrow I will probaly [sic] be fancying JL, 100% again, go back to fan just thinking GJ was Ok again and maybe (hope not) I'll have restarted my crushed on AM*!

I really hope the last paragraph doesn't happen, for one thing, GJ's voice is a lot nicer than Josh's, who [sic] voice sounds like he has a wierd [sic] kind of Cold!

P.S. I know it's shallow just to like (^)fancy G JL just because he is extremely cute but I can't like his (^)personality sense of humor because it sucks, but like I said he is extremely cute!

*That ended after Easter.
OK, I can't take it anymore. It's too painful.

I can't believe "...he is just too cute to hate, even if he does have a rubbish personality and he's a big fat jerk!" That's just worryingly unhealthy.

Also, why were my commas all over the place?

All names (well apart from famous people - what fun would there be if I didn't refer to Keanu Reeves...occasionally?) have been changed to protect the innocent, and not so innocent.

teacup.myrags on August 9th, 2008 12:48 pm (UTC)
a similar kind of thing to this community.
i'm just trying to get it off the ground!
sorry if this isn't allowed.
Cthulhu Oblongatawiisp on January 29th, 2009 07:40 pm (UTC)
Wow... I'd forgotten I even had this community! I can't believe I missed this being posted last year; it's brilliantly funny... sounds like something I would have written in middle or high school!
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