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[sic] diaries
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A place to revisit old diaries or blogs from the past
We are a community founded mostly on the idea of having a few lulz over diary entries we wrote in childhood. If you have an old diary from elementary school or even a blog you wrote in during high school, we want to read it! We highly encourage posts containing "funny" but overall I suppose anything goes, so long as it falls within the rules. All members are encouraged to be active and participate, however, as of now we do not plan to remove anyone simply due to a lack of posting.


  • Our focus is on old diary entries, so don't post anything newer than five years old.
  • We recommend, for the sake of accuracy and the lulz, that all entries contain whatever typographical or handwritten errors existed in the original entry (hence, the name of our community... [sic] diaries).
  • Let's try to keep it civil in here. That means that all inflammatory comments should be kept to an absolute minimum. This excludes actual entries, of course (within reason).
  • All posts must also follow the guidelines found in the LiveJournal TOS.

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